Personal Information

Name: Callum Mackinnon

Candidate Number: 3980

Centre Number: 69559

Film company: Ace of Spadez


Music Video (Final Edit)

Here is the final edit of my music video. I have used a song called Ave Maria, the voice is of an unknown soloist of Vienna’s boy’s Choir. The pitch the song is sung at is very high. We tried to find the most fitting actor to be able to lip sync the song. This is finally what we came up with, and I am proud of my work:

What I’ve learnt from Audience Feedback

From my audience feedback, I have learned that my media products (especially when uploaded in their completed form) appeal directly to my target audience. Overall I’m satisfied that I have produced an effective final media product. There have been a lot of views of my blog, in total 205. Viewed in two different countries United Kingdom, and Germany. The amount of views on my video has only increased more and more over time on YouTube, it has a total of 37 views. It has been shared just once. Many people left me their opinions and feedback on Facebook, overall most of them seem to enjoy the piece, and I am definitely happy with was people have told me about it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 22.58.08

My media product using, developing or challenging forms and conventions of real media products

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Below are 9 key shots from my final media product, and I will go through them and explain each.

Throughout the planning and the final execution of the music video my partner and I tried to follow as many common conventions of real media products. We have used various techniques to do so. Using the following examples as seen in the slideshow presented above, I will explain in detail how and why we did such shot or camera angle, or even chosen location.

As can be seen in the first of many screenshots of our media product, we have began the music video with a scenic shot. This we did to make the audience aware of where the music video starts, so the location of it, and another important part in choosing this picture was the connection that it transmitted to the religious side of Ave Maria. Death is an important aspect of our music video, and we wanted to depict it as strongly as possible. So we decided that by starting the music video with the picture of a church would be the best way to do so. Real media products try to depict their meaning by using different shots and locations to do so. For example Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, uses a physical Wrecking ball in the clip to depict the name of the song. We tried to do the same only with religion and the death that is connected with it.

The second screenshot that I incorporated into the description was one of the most commonly used in my music video. In it you can see the main actor of the clip, (Vincent Moritz). We have shot the side of his head and it’s a mid shot from his upper chest and up, this can show what the individual is feeling. It is basically supposed to show emotions. Another reason for why we have chosen it would be that it follows typical real media conventions. Many media products use close up shots and a reoccurring style that is shot many times.

The third and last image in the slide show is a long shot of an individual standing in front of a very pretty landscape. We have chosen to include this specific style into our movie production because of several reasons. The cinematography is very good, since it is a very nice background to include, the shot shows the specific emotions that the individual is feeling, and it fits with the genre of Ave Maria. Real Media products try to include many long shots showing physical locations and to transmit emotions. We have tried to do the same.

Feedback on Advertisement Poster Mock up

This below is the feedback I got on my mock advertisement poster, many of them seem to like the the schemes I’ve chosen and gone with. As Dan TheMan suggested, I tried a colour version, but it didn’t fit in with the rest of the parts of the poster. For that reason I decided to revert back to black and white.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 20.16.03

Plan for Advertisement Poster

Here is my plan for my advertisement poster, I want it to be simple, modern, and easy to understand. Also I’d like for the poster to be pleasing to the eye and catch it as well. The mock up should turn out looking similar to this, but in digital form.


Importance of an Advertisement Poster

It’s important to have an advertisement poster because it allows the public to be informed about the product that is being sold, in my case, an album. It last longer than word of mouth or announcements on TV or radio. It is also a way to promote the artists’/bands’ image and what they represent, it is also another chance for them to show the theme they’re trying to demonstrate. Also the placement of these posters are important, as all different genre’s have different target audiences. Although I’ve tried to create a more controversial song/album which will be appealing to both older and younger audience members. Most likely our advertisement poster should be posted around the midst of a city, and in musical places, such as theatres.

Also the importance comes from the beliefs of the general population, if a viewer sees a digital poster they probably won’t read it and just skim over it. Whereas if it’s physical, serious, and real they’ll believe in it more and want to know more about the product. Very likely they’ll go further to find out what the product is all about or maybe even purchase it. Newspaper reach a score of 63% trust from people, Tv 41% and Internet 25%. That is just a piece of data to prove trust within people.